Timesheet Enhancements

Timesheeting - Defaults - Details - Prepopulation

€ 5000

Add more detail and set tasks as default via a userfriendly input-form to timesheets

  • The Best Practice Pack: Timesheet Enhancements offers a user-friendly input-form for easily pre-populating corporate holidays and resource unavailability at timesheet creation. The timesheet user is not forced to enter his/her vacation multiple times in the timesheet, and corporate holidays will be automatically appear when creating new timesheets.
  • The timesheet user can define which tasks should always be visible in the timesheet independently of the planning by using the default function. Timesheet defaults are primarily used for non-project work.
  • Another advantage of the Best Practice Pack is that it allows the user to add extra detail to his/her timesheets on a daily basis.